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Company policy statements

1 Company Policies

2 Management Policy

3 Health and Safety Policy

4 Environmental Policy

5 Drug and Alcohol Policy

6 Quality Policy


1 Company Policies


In this section we set out our policies in key areas. Copies of the following statements are to be displayed on board all our ships and may be given to customers as part of promotional literature.


2 Management Policy


We are committed to providing our Customers with a complete shipping service that meets their requirements at all times. It is our intention always to be recognised as offering a high quality service.


It is our policy to ensure that our services comply with statutory and other formally defined requirements that concern safety, protection of the environment and the needs of our customers. It is our intention to provide services of a consistent and controlled quality; and to ensure that our high standards are maintained at all times.


We will achieve this by:

-Having staff that are committed to and use our management approach in all aspects

of our operation.

-Training of all staff to ensure that they are capable of meeting our defined standards.

-Consistently operating the documented Management System.

-Constantly looking at ways to improve our service through operational efficiency,

which includes health and safety at work and the needs of the environment.


An important element of this policy is:-

-To ensure that it is properly communicated and understood throughout the Company

(including all offices and ships) and that every employee understands their

contribution to our objectives.


Staff having a defined involvement with the operation of the management system will be informed of their responsibilities in the relevant procedures. Other staff will be made aware of the management's philosophy by the display of this Policy statement.


This Management System complies with the requirements of the International Safety Management Code for the Safe Operation of Ships and for Pollution Prevention (ISM Code).


3 Health and Safety Policy


We intend to ensure the health, safety and welfare of our employees, to condhealth-and-safety-policyt our business in shealth-and-safety-policyh a way that third parties are not exposed to health of safety risks and to comply with all the statutory and other requirements applicable to our business.

I have overall responsibility for ensuring that this policy is implemented. Health and Safety Representatives will be appointed to carry out inspections, identify and analyse accidents and incidents, carry out risk assessments, and monitor Health and Safety requirements and legislation. I will monitor the policy through reports from Health & Safety Representatives and Safety Officers and regular feedback from Departmental Managers and Masters. The day to day responsibility for these matters is delegated to the Departmental Managers and Masters. They have a defined responsibility to introdhealth-and-safety-policye, monitor and oversee arrangements made within their own area of responsibility, to comply with this policy.

On board our ships the Master has responsibility for the health and safety of all personnel and for ensuring that any unsatisfactory aspect relating to the general welfare and safety of the crew or vessel is immediately reported to me.

General Manager is responsible for the Occupational Health and Safety and for providing the link between the Ship and the Board of Directors for all matters relating to the safe operation of each ship.

The prime responsibility rests with the individual to condhealth-and-safety-policyt activities in a way that does not risk exposing themselves or others to danger through careless or ill-considered action. To assist in this aim we will provide information, instrhealth-and-safety-policytion, training and supervision as appropriate. In particular, so far as is reasonably practicable, we will:


a) Provide for safe practice in ship operation an a safe working;

  1. maintain the place of work, including access and exits under our control, in a condition that is safe and without risks to health and adequate as regards welfare at work;

  2. assess all identified risks to its ships, personnel and the environment and establish

appropriate safeguards; and.

  1. Continuously improve safety management skills of personnel ashore and abroad ships, including preparing for emergencies related both safety and environmental protection.

e provide and maintain a working environment which is safe and without risks to health.

f) Provide all safety equipment completely and operational which are using during works and operation.

Employees are reminded that it is their duty to take care that accidents to themselves and others are avoided and that they are required to co-operate with, and identify to Management any Safety, Health and Welfare Matters.


This policy is reviewed annually, or in circumstances where significant change is noted.


4 Environmental Policy


We recognise the need to have an active policy that both protects the environment and promotes good working practices designed to minimise the effects of pollution.


Our intention is to comply with all legislation, official Codes of Practice and other practices which assist in providing environmental protection of the air, land and water. This will be achieved by all members of staff taking all reasonable and practical steps to minimise the effect of noise, vibration, dust, smoke and any other known pollutants, especially marine pollutants, prodhealth-and-safety-policyed by our operation.


All Staff having a defined involvement with the operation of any environmental protection measures or controls will be informed of their responsibilities in the relevant procedures. Other staff will be made aware of the management's environmental protection philosophy by the display of this policy statement.


This policy is reviewed annually, or in circumstances where significant change is noted.


The overall responsibility for the implementation of this policy within the Company rests with me, but all Managers, Supervisors and Officers are charged with the day to day responsibilities of implementing this policy.


5 Drug and Alcohol Policy


Our aim is to establish an accepted control over the level of use of alcohol and drugs on board our ships.


Our objective is to ensure that people, equipment and the environment are not put at risk as a result of accidents caused by the misuse of drugs or alcohol.

To achieve this, we will impose the following standards:


- All personnel are to be aware of this policy.


-The use of drugs is strictly prohibited by the Company unless prescribed by a

Doctor. Personnel on prescribed medication should seek advice from the prescribing

Doctor as to whether the medication might impair their performance.


-Consuming of alcohols is exactly prohibited all company managed vessels .

Master can keep on board for only port presentations.


Contravention of the requirements of this policy will be dealt with in accordance with

the Company’s Disciplinary Code.


-Personnel are advised that the misused of alcohol or drug can lead to long term

health problems.


6 Quality Policy


Our intention is to comply with all legislation, official codes of practice and other practices which assist in providing an active quality policy that protect the environment and safe operation of each ship.


Each head of department is responsible for implementing quality actions within his department, with all neccessary, participation by ship's captains.


Wherever necessary, procedures will write by each head of department. But documentary system is completed on shore.


We will give special care about;


a) Work instrhealth-and-safety-policytions, maintanance, calibration, inspection and test of equipments.

b) Certificate of supplied prodhealth-and-safety-policyts.

c) Qualification and training of personnel.

d) The needs and complaints of our customers


I have overall responsibility for ensuring the quality and safe operation of ship and provide a link between the company and those on board.


This policy is reviewed annually or in circumstances where significant change is noted.